Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Days 1-7

I'm taking part in Inktober again this year and I'll be posting my ink drawings one week at a time.  There are prompts but you don't have to follow them.  You can set your own theme or choose something totally random which is what I've opted for.  The only caveat is that it be done in ink.  To me that includes markers, ink pens, gel pens, and pen and ink.  

Day 1 - A scene from Hello Dolly which I was lucky enough to get to see on October 1st with friends.

Day 2 - A rose in remembrance of the sadness caused by the Las Vegas shooting. The tendrils representing the many lives that were touched and changed forever.

Day 3 - The Yankees won the wild card game putting them in the playoffs.

Day 4 - Combined with the prompt from Scribble Picnic - BLANKET.  Our little guy sleeping with his blue blanket.

Day 5 - Inspired by a weather radar map showing the flutter of butterflies migrating over Colorado.

Day 6 - An owl lantern that HWNSNBP and I picked up at the Christmas Tree Shop.

Day 7 - One of my favorite kites we saw at the LBI Kit Festival.


  1. Hi Lorraine :) Inktober! How neat! :) That is a good challenge, your ink drawings are super!

  2. Thanks Rain! It is a fun challenge.

  3. The rose one is especially moving. And I also love the little owl lantern - and of course the flying pig. There was one of those at the festival last year too, if I remember correctly.


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