Saturday, September 30, 2017

End of September Wrap Up

Finding the most color in this month was easy.

A couple of cards that Rachel asked me to make for her housemates and one extra for my mother's birthday card.  I am in love with the Hero Arts background stamp from their September release.  I embossed the swirls with clear EP on watercolor paper and then added some Color Burst randomly. The leaves are from Unity and they are embossed with black EP and then colored with Color Burst.

We couldn't fish because of the weather on Labor Day weekend so I painted one instead.  This is a 
 a Chilatherina Alleni, also known as Allen's Rainbowfish. A new species found in the Amazon reported by the WWF. 

A little addition to my 3.5 x 5" sketchbook.

The band that played the last concert of the summer at the dock on Pirate's Day was Sounds of the 60's and this is their van.  Very 60's don't you think!

And there were many sunsets that were memorable this month, but this one tonight kind of captured all the colors.  

Good night and good bye September.


  1. beautiful cards and art!

  2. I love the contrast of those bright autumn leaves against the beautiful blue background. What a handsome fish you "caught" on paper when the weather hampered the real life fishing.


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