Friday, January 13, 2017

This Week's Wind Up

Kirby, our cockatiel was in bad need of a petticure - that is, his toe nails needed trimming.  See that beak?  If it's not covered gently by a towel he will use it.  The stinker knows to run when he see's the towel coming and usually pitches a fit.  I drape the towel over his head and gently lay him down on his back. Then I have to skillfully pry his foot out and using a nail clipper, snip off the sharp tips of his claws.  If I snip too much he might bleed and that could become a problem.  If it does happen, I put some flour on it to stop the bleeding and he'll be all right.  He usually gets a special treat after this "torture" like some Rice Krispies. 

I ran outside in my pajamas to try and get a picture of the sky that looked like it was on fire one morning this week.  Truly I did not get the most beautiful colors in this picture because there was the most gorgeous shade of magenta in there also, but it was so fleeting.  Maybe if you just squint a little you can see it.  

When I got to work I realized that it was a co-worker's birthday and I didn't have a card for her.  So when I got home from work I put this together.  It was originally just on the Summer Sun base, but in my rush I glued the star on upside-down making the card open from the top.  I was tired and hungry and decided to let it go until the next morning.  I showed HWNSNBP and he thought I had designed a new kind of card and that I meant it to open from the top.  I suppose you could have some kind of card that would open from the top, but not this one. So I cut off the front and added it to another card back in the light blue color.  And then...........I forgot to put it in the interoffice mail at work. Thankfully I had already sent her a birthday message via e-mail on her actual birthday.  

That same night I had also put these two thank you notes together.  The first one is a scrapling.  I took that skinny length of cardstock and used that for the card base. The image is one from Unity and before I stamped the image in black I used some markers to make the sky and ground.  This one I just slipped into someone's school mailbox.

The second one started as a scrapling also but then I adhered it to a white card base.  This one is going in the mail and it will fit snugly in an envelope.

And did you know that today, besides being Friday the 13th and Blame Someone Else day is also Rubber Duckie day?  


  1. Poor Kirby deserves a treat after that. Your birthday card is wonderful - even with the extra hassles. Oh those red cheeks. He is so cute and getting so big. That picture just makes me smile. Enjoy every minute with him!

  2. Love that photo of Kirby, makes me think of an old man in a dressing gown, and also a tortoise peering out of his shell. And gosh, that jar and star card is beautiful! Good rescue, I do that too, sticking the top layer the wrong way.


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