Monday, January 30, 2017

Stickin' to My Story - Jingle Belles 2017

Here's my story and I'm sticking to it...........  well here's my stickers and I'm going to be using some of them for this next Jingle Belles Challenge Sticky and Sweet where we are urged to use at least one sticker on our cards.  I have some ideas for the bottom of the pile, but I'm going to start with the top of the pile - the 3-D deer heads.  They were one of those "hey, I've got a coupon to a craft store for 50% off one item, let's go see what I can get" purchases.  Of course, when I go into a craft store with a coupon, seldom do I come out with just one item in my basket.  The trick is finding something not on sale, because usually that is the disclaimer on the coupon - any non-sale item is __% off. Inevitably there are more things that are on sale that find there way into my shopped basket.  So for a while I was avoiding craft stores because, well, I probably have enough of a stash already in my craft room to keep me busy for many moons, yet, sometimes you just need a craft store fix.

This card is so much more sparkly IRL.  I used a thick white cardstock card base and added a frame of white glitter paper over the entire front panel.  I say a frame because I cut the middle out to use it on something else.  It's such a waste to hide all that glitter paper under all those layers, so I didn't. The edges of the frame that I cut are just slightly larger that the brushed silver panel (I know it looks flat gray in the picture, but trust me, it isn't flat).  The gold embossed and silver glitter papers were scraps, as was the embossed silver oval.  That is actually an embossed and die cut piece of a cheap aluminum cookie/pizza tray.  Caution - cutting up those trays can be hazardous as the edges are knife-sharp.  But this little oval had been sitting in my scrap box for some time now and I think it looks quite nice there with the deer head sticker on it.  

Here's where I would say I'm heading over to the JB's blog, but not tonight.  Tonight I'm going to try to get at least one more card made for this challenge and then I'll be ready to comment.  But hey, if you want to take a peak at the other lovely creations today, here's the link.


  1. Oh wow, this is so very pretty!

  2. Your card is absolutely gorgeous ... love how the frame features that awesome sticker ... so glad you got *stick*y with us at jingle belles.

  3. holy macaroni!!! that is soooooo gorgeous & i totally confess that i never ever would have thought to do THIS with that little sticker... i bow to you, missus! bravo!!! <3

  4. I can totally see why these adorable stickers ended up in your basket, and you managed to turn it into a fabulous focal point.


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