Thursday, June 16, 2016

ICAD 2016 - Week 2 - #8-#14

Still trying to stay a day ahead of these, but managing to keep up.

June 8 - Island - It rained that day and as is usual I was following the weather channel radar for recess purposes.  Right about smack in the middle of our recess periods this thunderstorm hit.  The red area on the card is right over us.  Despite how bad it looks, the storms didn't last that long. Done in colored pencil.

June 9 - Compass - I had recently seen some Kutch embroidery on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.  This particular one has all the points a compass would have.  I did the background in acrylics first and then actually drew the pattern (a square with two crossed narrow rectangles) on another index card.  The only holes in this stitch are two at each outside corner, so I laid the patterned card on top of the painted card and pre-poked the holes.  The circles and squares within the motif are woven. And I only had to go back twice to fix it in order to move on.  If the threads are not woven in the correct order to begin with you can't make the curves.  This is a form of embroidery that sometimes has small mirrors added into it while stitching.  

June 10 - Cobalt Blue - One of, if not my most favorite color.  The china that I picked out for our wedding almost 39 years ago is this blue onion pattern on white plates (not the expensive stuff, but still quite pretty).  I added white gesso to this card before using a blue Micron pen to draw the design.

June 11 - Baseball - At ball games I like to keep the scorecard.  I used to do it when my husband played in a softball league and then when our daughter played softball.  So I enlarged one of the boxes and found a quote that fit. In this case the batter had 2 balls and one strike, the ball was hit to the shortstop, thrown to second base to make the first out, and then to the first baseman to make the second out - typical double play.

June 12 - TV - We were on the road most of the day and I was really looking forward to watching the Tony Awards.  I wasn't particularly prompted by the prompt and decided to keep it simple and came up with a pattern using the entwined letters T and V.  I did it during the commercials because you really have to watch the performances on the show to fully enjoy them.  

June 13 - Playground - This card was used to clean off my brush and use up some blue and white paint that I had leftover.  I just kept making squares or frames and had left it on the dining room table.  So you might say that that was my playground.  I took a black Micron and outlined the brush strokes and added some more boxes.  

June 14 - Venn Diagram - Since it was also Flag Day, I checked through my scrap box and came up with some red, white, and blue scraps to make this.  It's also on an acrylic background.  

Hmmm, there seems to be a lot of blue in this week's cards.  I'll have to work on that.


  1. I'm enjoying your ICAD cards and seeing what you do! I was going to do them myself but when I found out the price of the 3x5 blank index cards - $15 - I decided I didn't want to spend that amount of money on such tiny cards. I could buy 7 packs of A4 card for that price!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What fun. I love the red card and O those beautiful blues!

  3. Enjoying your cards! Love the baseball math - I like to keep score also. There is something about all those little boxes making sense.


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