Friday, June 24, 2016

ICAD 2016 - #15-#21

If you're out of school and looking for something artistic/creative to do with your time, consider jumping in on the ICAD challenge.  If you have some index cards - any size will do - and some art supplies or even office supplies, and a little bit of imagination give it a try.  You don't have to spend a lot of time on these little works of heART.  And you don't have to follow any prompts if you don't want to.  The most important thing is to spend a little time each day creating.  It's some good brain medicine!

This third week flew by.  It was the last full week of school and I've been crazy busy, but still I'm determined not to fall behind with these.

June 15th - bouquet - this was done very quickly, shhhhhhh - at work, with highlighters and a fine point black marker.  

June 16th - wallpaper - I remember being home on medical leave and watching "The King's Speech" with my sketchbook at the ready.  There were actually several pages of sketches that I added that day and this card is based on one of them.  It is based on some art deco wallpaper that was in a few scenes.  Thank goodness for the pause button.  I did this with colored pencils.

June 17th - landscape - Can a landscape have water in it or is that called a seascape?  Or is it a mountainscape if it has mountains in it?  Another colored pencil work.

June 18th - orange - I have to think ahead a little on these weekends that we are traveling.  So I threw some premade background cards and a selection of orange cardstock into my bag to take along with us.  Torn paper flowers on a gesso and watercolor background.

June 19th - snowflake - made with inky fingers.

June 20th - 1960's - a decade I lived through aged 5-15, when flowers had power and war needed peace.  The Britains invaded us and we invaded the tranquil moon.  Music came on flat disks and you had to own a transistor radio that had great AM reception to hear all the top songs - rock n'roll, soul, and bubble gum.  Girl's skirts got shorter and boy's hair got longer and everyone wore bell-bottom jeans.  Air raid drills were practiced in schools and the word "assassination" was used too often in the news.  It was a fun time and a scary time.  Those highlighters proved handy here again.

Day 21 - invent a prompt - I thought about this one for a long time and finally came up with "using your non-dominant hand for drawing and/or coloring".  Again, the highlighters were in reach and got put to use once more.  

So that's a wrap of 21 out of 61 days of ICAD.  


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