Monday, April 4, 2016

Paying It Forward Because..........

I had a wonderful, relaxing week last week off from work despite the mess you see below. This has been in the making for a llllllllooooooooonnnnnnggggg time.  This is the room I fondly call my "Stamp Cave" sans the shelves and another large table.  It was my son's room and after he moved out I slowly took ownership of it, removing the bed and unsystematically adding more furniture for storage of my ever-growing craft stash.  There were dings and dents in the walls, not to mention staples galore from posters and pictures that once decorated the walls.  So after we removed the shelves, table and an embarrassingly large amount of stuff, HWNSNBP had a lot of patching to do. And I had to pick out a color.  And I have to be sure that it's what I want to live with for a very long time according to the painter (aka HWNSNBP) because given our age and stage of life, once the stuff goes back in, it ain't comin' out.

For the time being my worktable was left standing in the middle so I could possibly use it in an emergency if need be.  But it had to be shrouded in plastic from the dust and paint splatter (from the ceiling being painted too).

Of course, while I was packing things up and moving them out I was coming across all kinds of things like these birds and the die cut tree.  So, while he was out playing in the yard (waiting for me to finish up) I dug out a blank white card and some inks to make a background and then assembled this quick card.  A little bit of procraftinating!

And speaking of finding things, the following are a few of the things that I found that I had doubles (an in one case triples) of.  So, I've decided to Pay It Forward.  I would be glad to share these items (all of them unused) with the first person who requests them in the comments below.  Just make sure to tell me which item it is that you would like and I will get back to you for your mailing address.  

The stamps below are 1" x 3"

The stamp below is 1" x 3"

The leaf stamp below is 2 1/4" x 3"

The Jingle stamp is 3 1/2" x 5"

I will get them out as soon as possible, I promise.  

And another reason I am sharing is because I had a bit of luck this weekend.  My godmother sent me some lottery tickets in my birthday card and I won $20 AND I was the winner chosen in Darnell's April Fool's Big Boo Boo Card Blog Hop and I am using my prize to get some new markers.  Thank you to all the blog hoppers who visited and commented on my card. I certainly had some giggles visiting each and every one of you!  And thank you Darnell for sponsoring such a fun event!


  1. Hi Lorraine! I would love the pack of five tiny bird dies, if you are ok sending them all the way to NZ?!
    Isn;'t it fun when you clear out your craft room and find interesting things you never knew you had!
    Sunshine, New Zealand

    1. I will be glad to send them to you Sunshine!

    2. Thank you so much! Strangely enough I had been looking for some tiny bird dies, but had not found any that were the right size!
      So kind of you to do this Lorraine...we could all learn a lesson from you and do the same.
      Thank you:-)
      Sunshine, NZ

  2. BUMMER! I decided to scroll backwards and came across the herons, too late to toss my name in the hat. I want to see the room when you're finished. Mine looked great.....until I made a card. Now it looks like a bomb went off and I can't find anything.


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