Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Administrative Professional's Day

It all started with a coupon.  A coupon from Michael's which I've been pretty good about not visiting just to use the coupon because, well, you go in for one thing and come out with a bagful sometimes. I ignored them.  Each week the flyer comes and goes right into the recycling.  And the e-mails I usually delete.  But this time I got one of those 25% off everything whether it was on sale or not. And I did happen to need something so a trip to Michael's it was. 

And then somehow, almost as soon as I walked in the door, these plain yellow tags were calling my name.  They said, pick me, pick me. And so I did.  Then the yellow flowers chimed in along with the turquoise ones.  Into the basket they went.  Buttons!  Oh, there are buttons too!  Gotta have them also. 

And of course, the yellow and white ball of twine was not to be resisted.  And lucky me to find some pale yellow and pale turquoise ribbon.

It was like a blue and turquoise salad was being created right there in the basket.  Layer by layer.  A couple other things jumped in also and darned if by now I've forgotten what I actually went there for, but as is the case I came out with a bagful of stuff.  At a really great price though!

My basket was the envy of the woman in front of me.  "What pretty colors." she said.  "What are you going to do with them?  Bridal shower?"  No I told her.  I'm thinking I'm going to use them for Administrative Professional's Day.  "Oh!  Good idea."  she said.  "When is that?"  In April I told her. "My, aren't you thinking ahead."  she said.  If she only knew - I may have bought the goods 2 months ago, but I knew darned well that they wouldn't get done until a few days before April 27th.  Who was I kidding!

But I really did have fun putting these together this weekend.  I used two, no check that, three different stamp sets in various shades of yellow and turquoise inks.  I laid them all out on the kitchen counter (oh yes, the crafting has invaded the kitchen space now) and stamped away.  Then I played around with the placement of the flowers and buttons.  No two were alike.  

Tags done the next step would be what to use them on. All that yellow made me think of lemons so I looked for and found a great recipe for lemon scones.  Here's the link.  Baked, cooled, drizzled, dried, and packed.

Then one more time into a small white bag and tied up with a tag.

And they went to all my Administrative cohorts in the school district today, because really - we are there for each other whenever there is a need.

Our school staff was very kind to us today.  We each got a balloon and a lovely hanging geranium plant, along with a gift card.  The boss picked up a quiche on the way in for a little breakfast treat and also gave us gift cards.  And there were a couple other little surprises from some staff members.  It feels good to know you're appreciated even without the gifts and I always love reading what they write in the card.


  1. Pretty tags, very inspiring! Glad you got a bargain!
    Sunshine, New Zealand

  2. mmmmm. Those lemon scones look mouth-watering! I can almost taste them!
    Thank you for the lovely comments you leave on my blog - always appreciated! yes, we are into Autumn as summer fades into the distance. Strangely enough though, there are Daffodils in full bloom! Really out of season. Even my roses are still flowering, and they should be settling in for the winter months. Oh well, you can't control Nature!
    Have a great day:-)
    Sunshine, NZ

  3. Oh yummy and pretty packaging!


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