Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Card Catch-Up

My son and daughter-in-law celebrated their 3rd anniversary earlier this month.  They have recently moved into their new home and she has decorated it beautifully.  She is partial to green and they both love the beach so I always try to incorporate those things in my cards to them.  

I totally missed one of my favorite Jingle Belle challenges - Pink Christmas.  I had my Silhouette out and did manage to cut this card, but then I put it aside and forgot to finish it.  Then the last day I would have been able to post it I managed to finish it, but it was an hour past the cut-off time.  Oh well, at least I got it done.  HWNSNBP has already pointed out to me that he doesn't think I have enough Christmas cards stashed away yet and shhhhhhhh, don't tell him, I don't.  But not to worry there's still time.

I've taken a picture of it with a battery-operated tealight behind the front.  It looks even prettier with the room lights dimmed and you can see all three of the trees "lit".  I suppose this will have to be one of those cards that has to be hand-delivered with an explanation.  

And lastly, a birthday card for one of my Table 7 compatriots.  I wasn't too sure at first about that green banner - the color I mean - but IRL it looks great and I kind of like the way the banners from the dsp look like they are an added fringe to the bottom of the green banner.  It may be just a little late in the year for butterflies, but I think for birthday cards anything goes.


  1. Wow! Your cards are stunning!

  2. All three of your cards are gorgeous. Great idea for the three tree card.

  3. I meant to comment on this, just catching up after a really busy week. I remember you using that lovely sea-wreath before - it's so "you". Love your soft colouring and the simple script background for it.


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