Monday, October 12, 2015

Kites - International Kite Festival


This weekend the First Annual International Kite Festival was held on LBI (Long Beach Island, New Jersey).  It was almost a perfect day for flying kites on the beach - just maybe a bit too windy for some to fly.  It was cool enough that jackets were needed (and hoods!), but because of the storm last weekend, a lot of the softer sand had been washed away and what was left was packed and easy to walk on. 

Most lines had multiple kites on them - mostly what I guess you would call novelties like this giant spinner.  

The display kites were staked into the sand and held down with makeshift sand bags.

In addition to the flying kites were the sand "kites".  Here's looking at you!

Or maybe I need a little help seeing you?

Or even more yet!

All kinds of flags were also staked into the sand.  It was all so colorful.

And plentiful!

And from underneath - against the clouds in the sky.......

they were mesmerizing!

Couldn't resist photographing these pigs (although I wished they had wings!).

And these crabs were just too cute!

Further down the beach were synchronized kite flying demonstrations.  This is only a portion of the "dance" that they did.  

And if that wasn't enough color for the weekend - we passed this field of yellow and orange marigolds on the way home on Sunday.  This is only a small portion of it.


  1. If that was the first annual event, I look forward to seeing more of it in the future. May they always have firm sand for walking on, such a bonus. Those photos are wonderful - my favourites area #1 and #11, but the pigs and crab really both made me smile.
    So many marigolds this late in the year surprise me, but they are beautiful.
    p.s - two photos look as if they should be video? They have little arrows in them, and appear to have a .mov extension, but nothing's happening for me when I click them ;-(.

  2. You're right Sabrina. They were supposed to be movie clips. I fixed them. Hope you can see them now.

  3. That synchronised kite flying is quite amazing - they must have practised hard, it looks as if it would take a lot of skill to do something like that.


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