Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jingle Belles - Joy to the Earth (HAPPY EARTH DAY!)

Happy Earth Day!  I know.  It doesn't LOOK very green, but really it is.  It's not much of a challenge for me to actually have "stuff" to recycle, it's more of a challenge for me to actually do it.  Thanks to the Jingle Belles this week, I can put some of my hoarded stash to good use.

What you see on this card is actually the front of a Godiva chocolate box that I received at Christmas.  I loved the pattern and the glitter and they use boxes that are very nicely made.  I was able to slit this part away from the logo and gently peel it off the box.  There is no cardboard attached to it now. 

The little snowflakes were a bit of trial and error. I have a slew of that foam packing wrap in all different weights.  I also had a new snowflake wreath die.  I wanted to see if I used the die and snipped the wreath if it would be able to be used as a straight line and it did.  The other part of the trial and error was finding the right foam thickness.  Kind of like Goldilocks, I needed to find the one that was "just right!".    Below that little border, well actually what I first put down on the red cardstock was a piece of red shiny fabric-like paper.  The bow is from my scrap bag and most likely came from a Christmas package at some time. 

I had a piece of white glitter foam and I traced the letters J and Y on the backing and carefully cut them out (looks like I still might need a little trim here or there) and instead of knocking myself out trying to cut an O, I used a glitter sticky dot.

I don't think you can really get the effect of all the sparkles, but I knew that that box was too pretty to put in the trash.  Oh, and since I peeled the top off and left the cardboard, I still have a box to use.  Just need to replace the paper!

I really do feel good when I can reuse something and goodness knows that I have enough stuff stashed away that has possibilities. 

If you'd like to see what the other Jingle Belles have done this week with their recyclables click here.



  2. Love the upcycling of that box!!!!!!!

  3. this is by far the greenest red thing EVER, lol!!! holy wow, do i ♥LOVE♥ this... lemme count the ways: that sparkly godiva box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am partial to see's myself, but their wrappers are nowhere near as fab. and then the foam wrap diecut border is BEYOND cool. and felt letters? yowza! this is everything ya need in an xmas card, and it's all fabulous upcycley goodness! so totally ROCKIN' earth day missus! ♥

  4. Chocolate box to awesome holiday card ... so very glad you celebrated Earth Day with us at Jingle Belles.


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