Monday, December 26, 2011

Punched Embossed Bird Pins

Things you will need:

Scrap cardstock or postcard weight junk mail
Bird Punch
Glue or Xyron Sticker Maker
Embossing Folder
Aluminum Tape
Big Shot or Cuttlebug
Pin Back

For each pin you will need to punch out 6 birds and 12 wings.   Using your adhesive of choice (I used my Xyron) glue 6 layers together making one bird and two wings. 

The aluminum tape is peel and stick, however, you don't want to peel it until you cut it first leaving a slight border around the sides so you can cover the edges when you remove the backing.  You will need to cover both sides and using your fingernail, make sure that the tape is adhered on all sides.

Choose an embossing folder to emboss your birds and wings with.  Make sure you take the thickness of the punches into consideration when making your sandwich.   You may need to remove one of the plates like I did so you don't break the roller.

When you do the wings make sure that they are all facing the same direction as the birds or your embossing will not match.  After you've embossed them you might need to run your fingernail over the edges again to make sure that they are smooth.

Adhere the front wing with a dab of E6000 and then do the same with the pin back on the reverse side.  The second wing can be glued over the base of the pin back and slightly higher on the bird  so that both wings can be seen. 

Of course you will want to make sure that these birds do not go through the laundry!  

Edited 8/19/12 to add:  I'm happy that this little project has been pinned/repinned so many times on Pinterest.  I had a question about the aluminum tape and where I got it.  I found the tape at Home Depot but I don't remember what section of the store it was in.  I'm sure if you ask at Customer Service there or at any hardware store they can point you in the right direction.  


  1. WOW Lorraine!!!!! These are GORGEOUS!!!!! What a great use of the metal tape!!!!! Can't wait to play around with your idea!!!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration! I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying an amazing holiday season!!!!!

  2. Lately my imagination has been working on what to do with my HEAVY duty aluminum Foil. Not sure what you mean by aluminum tape, but....

    And I don't have a bird punch.....

    Well....other than those problems, I'm ready....almost.

    Just gotta get up off the couch.

  3. I thought I hadn't seen these before. I wouldn't dream of letting it near the washing machine - it's on my good red winter coat.

  4. One of my favourie punches, Lorraine! And I adore finding new uses for metal tape so am thrilled with this project... already gave it a try with a damask embossing folder and loved the results, thank you!
    Am curious though, can you share what brand your folder was, and perhaps the name? Thank you for the fabulous inspiration! ~mara

  5. Hello Mara,
    The folder I used is SU's Snow Burst. Not sure if it's still available though as I don't see it in the new catty.

  6. Love your little birds! I got inspired and made several. I used foil tops from little canned dog food (Cesars) which I had been saving for who knows what? Before gluing on the wings, I used alcohol inks on them. Mushroom (made it look very old), rust (copper colored look), and a pretty dark blue. I will be making more of these!! Love your blog too!!

  7. Beautiful and creative project! Found it because someone had pinned it on Pinterest. I'll be re-pinning it too. :)

  8. I love these. Thanks for sharing. Were do you buy the aluminum tape?

  9. Curious. Instead of cutting 6 birds to adhere together - can you cut 1 bird from something thicker, such as chipboard?

  10. Pam, I get the aluminum tape at Home Depot. I'm sure you could ask any hardware store if they have it. Thanks for commenting!

    Becky, my punch won't go through chipboard like a die would, so I found that layering the paper to get the thickness that I wanted was working. Just a swipe of adhesive between the layers should be enough to keep them together until you put the tape on them. Thanks for asking!

  11. Love this idea, I must try to make it with my Owl punch as well.

  12. Love the bird!! Going to have to try other punches too. One thing I didn't quite understand in your directions though... when cutting the metal tape, you said to leave a little extra for folding over the edges (I get that), but does that mean you are hand cutting(with scissors) the metal, not punching it??

  13. Thanks for commenting Lisa. To answer your question, yes I did cut the tape with scissors mainly so I could have excess to be able to cover the thickness of stacked layers. I didn't want the raw edges visible. But you could punch one side and just cut the one you will be folding over the edge. I hope that makes sense!

  14. Gorgeous! I don't have a bird punch, but I'm thinking of my kids making this as a Christmas ornament, what's the approximate dimensions?

  15. Mary, thanks for commenting. The approximate dimension for this bird is about 2" x 1.25". It's a nice size for a pin, but might be too small for an ornament unless you're thinking of a small tree. But, I like the idea of trying it in a larger size as an ornament. Might have to do that myself.

  16. Found on Pinterest, and I'm making them for Christmas presents. Thank you for sharing, for such detailed directions, and answering everyone's questions. I'm your new follower!

  17. Nice job! Great gift idea for teachers. (:

    I've been using the tape for years. When you go to the hardware store, ask for HVAC foil tape...they use it for sealing the cracks in your heating ducts. Hope that helps someone wanting to do this.


  18. These are stunning. Where do I get aluminum tape from? Oh - OK I just read Home Depot.
    I am not sure how you go about the designs on the actual bird? What does the back look like?
    I make these exotic fanciful head pieces and I am sure these would look wonderful on there.
    I am a new follower of yours. Thanks for a great Christmas idea.

  19. So cute! I found the foil ay my dollar tree but you can also find it in the plumbing & heating section by the furnace ducting. So using this for the supervisors at work with their christmas cards.

  20. Love it going good to make these for my anniversary get-together as thank you gifts

  21. I buy the foil tape for my Crafts class (high school) at Lowe's in the HVAC area. Just so folks know where to find it. It is the stuff used to put together ductwork for HVAC.

    1. Thanks Rebecca. I'd love to see what your students do with it.

  22. Just love these little birds. Tfs.


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