Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 172

Cars, buses, trucks - what little boy doesn't love em'?  Well, if you visit our Teapot challenge thread this week you'll learn of two little boys who do love cars, buses, and trucks and their mother who, unfortunately just passed away only weeks before they celebrate their 6th birthday.  So as teapotters do, we will try to make this birthday a little special for them and send them birthday cards - one for each!

You're not seeing things, these are the same two cards in both pictures, I just rearranged them so it would look like the cars were traveling from one card to another.  Hopefully the boys will have a little fun doing the same.

So join me know as I visit the gallery and see all the other wonderful little boy birthday cards. 


  1. These cards are adorable Lorraine! I love the long shape of the cards how the cars go in one direction and the sentiment in the other - your eye zooms around the card just like a speeding car! :) Love the colors too - so perfect for little boys!

  2. That's so clever! Some of the mirror image cards I can't help foreseeing a crash, but no fear of that with your smart thinking!

  3. How sweet you all are to remember these little boys. Your cards are awesome!


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