Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Along the Canal

HWNSNBP and I decided, despite the 40º temperature to go for a bike ride.  We layered up, got the bikes ready on the car and set out for a local park only to find out that there was an event going on there that would keep us from the bike trail for a couple of hours.  So his idea, which turned out to be a good one, was to head down to the canal and check out the path there.  After last week's snow storm and all the tree damage that was done in the area I was concerned that the path would be a little impassable, however, with the exception of one downed tree trunk we were pretty much homefree.  It was an invigorating, brisk ride.


  1. That sunshine and blue sky would certainly be a tonic! And it looks beautiful, too.

  2. Brisk is right!! brrrr!! Hope you had some hot chocolate afterwards!


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