Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Overload - Happy Halloween

Some treats that I made for some friends and co-workers..............

Wouldn't you know it - I forgot to hand them out to the friends when I saw them over the weekend.......

And we are still out of work because of the power failure, so I have yet to give them to the co-workers, but since Halloween has passed I didn't want to wait much longer to post them. 

This fun little set of stamps from SU called Gift Givers is a little treasure in itself.  There are 7 stamps for 7 different holidays and they all coordinate with a different punch so they're so quick and easy to use.  The coloring of the image is what takes the longest, but you really don't have to go overboard with blenders or aquapainters - my SU markers were all that I used.  I did use several "orange" colors for the pumpkins and then a little yellow for the crow's beaks.  Brown for the pumpkin stems and voila - finis.  Then punched them out with the decorative lable punch and added them to 2 1/2 inch black circle and a 1 1/4" yellow moon.  The peanut butter m&m's (minus the blue one's) were slipped into the 1x8" cellophane bags that SU also has now.  I simply used a couple of small strips of double sided tape to tape the bag to the back of the circle.  I didn't sandwich the bag between another circle because I thought the recipient might want to save the top instead of rip it off (I know I would). 

I had bought some pumpkin candy kisses to see if they would fit in the sleeves but they don't.   And speaking of pumpkin - it's been a month full of pumpkin treats.  Just look at my list.............

Pumpkin Croissants (recipe found here)
Pumpkin Fudge (recipe found here)
Pumpkin Soup (from Costco)
Pumpkin Ice Cream (fresh from Polar Cub, in the store by Edy's, and at Kohr's twisted with cinnamon!)
Pumpkin Praline Bars (the most expensive cookie bars I've ever made!)
Pumpkin Muffins (Wawa's plain and Starbucks with cream cheese)
Pumpkin Coffee (K-cups)
Pumpkin Cappucino (another Wawa treat)

And looking forward to Thanksgiving when we'll be enjoying pumpkin roll and pumpkin pie.  What's your favorite pumpkin treat? 


  1. You don't have your lovely pumpkin roll on that list! I guessed you must still have been at home from the time you posted your TPT card.
    Fun looking little treats - and I am sure the recipients will think better late than never!

  2. Wow I didn't think about you being without power. That is frustrating. These are the cutest little treats. Great idea.


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