Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This pillow resides in our living room.  You know how they say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"?  Well, in our case that would the "the acorn." 

I have a dilemma to consider - our lovely pin oak is dying and has recently suffered storm damage breaking a lot of the limbs.  HWNSNBP would like to have it taken down.  I am torn about that as I realize that it has become dangerous and will continue to drop limbs.  But I love that tree - it's shape, the way it looks draped with snow, the way the chipmunk climbs up that trunk to gather acorns in the fall.  The shade it provides is a big plus also.  So what to do?  Think on it some more for now. 

Earlier this fall I picked up a new Memory Box die.  It's an acorn and it's cap.   I kind of went crazy with the scrap box and pulled out a lot of the fall colors to make lot's of acorns.  Then I stamped them with one of the stamps from Tiny Tags in VersaMark ink.  Gluing the caps on was tedious but I really like the way that they came out. 

I have wanted to do one of the "specimen" projects that have been seen around the internet but I didn't necessarily want to use butterflies, bats, or flowers so this acorn is a nice diversion from those things. 

The frame comes from Michael's and was a bargain at $1.00.  I took my Crumb Cake ink pad and did the direct to paper technique right onto the wood.  It's rustic looking for sure.  The leaves are from French Foliage - stamped on Very Vanilla cs using markers to match the colors of the acorns.  Each of the acorns is popped up on dimensionals on the Very Vanilla background. 


  1. Love your acorn display, although I certainly wouldn't fancy having to stick all those lacy caps down. I think I'd feel if the tree is that damaged it's time not to be sentimental but to take it out and replace it with something else. Having said that, it's always sad to cut a tree down - they all have personality and character. Well - almost all!!

  2. Hi Lorraine! Sorry I'm leaving this post so late - just read thru it and wanted to share a thought about the tree. We have friends who were losing a tree they loved and rather than take the whole tree down, they mostly took it down and left part of the trunk and a few lower branches and created a bird feeding station out of it. Now they can sit and watch the animals still gather at the spot and eat. I'm not sure how low the branches are on your oak, but thought I would share since I know they had the same dilemma about what to do with their dying tree. Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend!!!!


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