Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lighthouse Challenge 2011 - Sunday (10/16)

Day two of the Lighthouse Challenge. 

The lens at the Barnegat Lighthouse Museum.

Barnegat Lighthouse - Old Barney

Sea Girt Lighthouse

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

North Tower of the Twin Lights

Center of the Twin Lights

South Tower of the Twin Lights in Atlantic Highlands

The view of Sandy Hook from the Twin Lights

The NYC skyline

From Branchburg, New Jersey we started Saturday morning on the Delaware with a view of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, traveled and visited all the sites ending the day in Barnegat.  On Sunday, we traveled to Long Beach Island to begin the remainder of the challenge at the Barnegat Lighthouse Museum.  The day ended overlooking the Atlantic with a view of New York City in the distance and with the return to Branchburg, logging approximately 500 miles.


  1. I didn't know that about the lenses, but I suppose it makes sense as they must be very heavy with all that thick glass. They make wonderful abstract photos. I meant to say I liked the anchor too - it's so decayed that it looks more like wood, though I'm sure it's not. It looks as if you were blessed with the perfect weather for a coastal weekend!!

  2. Touring lighthouses... would love to do that! They're all so amazing and different. So much character. I would have never guessed that the close up was a lense!

  3. 500 miles well spent. This is fantastic. I love the pictures. New York is one of my favorite places to visit. We have some lighthouses here too. Great pictures my friend.


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