Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lighthouse Challenge 2011 - Saturday (10/15)

I thought I'd post these today before we get so removed from October and I totally forget about it.  The Lighthouse Challenge was held the weekend of October 15-16 and it was a lovely two days.  I won't go on about the history - just caption them. 

Tinicum - on the Delaware - first stop of the day.

The moon rolling down the lighthouse.

Finn's Point

The shack on the way to East Point.

The roiling "chocolate" water of the Delaware Bay.

East Point Lighthouse

Sunken anchor outside the Cape May Museum

The rainbow-like prisms of the lens at the museum.

The units of the lens were numbered for shipping for easy reconstruction.

Each section was stamped with the manufacturer's information.

Cape May Lighthouse

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Birds congregating on the beach behind the lighthouse.

Butterflies in the garden.

And a napping squirrel - soon to be disturbed!

The murals outside the lifesaving station in Ocean City.

The lifesaving wagon outside the second lifesaving station.

Absecon Lighthouse through the gate.

Tuckerton Seaport Lighthouse (construction is on the road behind).

Sunset over the wildlife refuge - a great end to a beautiful day.

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  1. I always enjoy your lighthouse photos. You've just reminded me that I had one lighthouse photo from La Rochelle I forgot to include, I'll have to add it in to my last post.
    The East Point lighthouse is my favourite, then the Hereford Inlet one.
    The photo of the squirrel is hilarious, I love it!!!
    Very evocative murals - can you imagine what it was like trying to carry out rescues in the old days, and the heavy old clothes they had, never mind the equipment. I remember hearing a docu-drama of a rescue in the UK where they had to have relays of volunteers hauling the rescue boat across land in an emergency.


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