Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peaches, Limes, and ...... Pumpkin?

Fall will be here in the morning.  Already some of our trees are dropping leaves like it's raining.  One maple in particular has continued to cover the driveway making it a crunchy mess on a daily basis.   I love the colors of fall - the oranges, golds, reds, and rusts.  Each tree turning from it's verdant green into a warm and sometimes fiery color.  The sun giving just the right light exposure for us to enjoy the beauty of those colors. 

The leaves on this card aren't exactly what you'd expect to see at this time of year.  The aqua and turquoise shades paired with the lime and pear were inspired by the leaves on a card by Sandy McGiver.  (click her name to see the card)  I had to match those leaves up with their complimentary colors of pink and orange, or in this case Peach Parfait, Regal Rose, and some Calypso Coral.  The leaves are from French Foliage and the butterfly from Strength and Hope.  The leaves are embossed, the butterfly is not.  This card is for my Mother's birthday which happens to be today.

The card below is done in some of the similar colors, mainly because I had stamped a few of those butterflies and thought they were too pretty just to set aside.  Strength and Hope provides the flourish on this and the sentiment comes from Teeny Tiny Wishes.

I went a little crazy with the ribbon - it almost looks like some weird rick rack but it's just regular straight ribbon squiggled up.  I use sticky strip behind the ribbon here and recommend using a heat gun very lightly over the ribbon so it will adhere better to the sticky strip. 

So you've seen the peach and lime referred to in the title.  Would you believe that these two car washing mitts that I picked up at the $Tree last weekend will be a pumpkin?

You'll have to wait and see. 

Happy Fall!


  1. What a fun post! You better show us those mitts as a pumpkin! Can't wait! Love these cards Lorraine! How very fun! Yeah, Pumpkin? Ha! You did good! Always fun to come here and see what you are doing!

  2. The colours in the leaf spray and the way it swirls across the page are both beautiful - there's such a sense of movement in the card.
    Those gloves make me think a bit of a hedgehog, but knowing you if you say pumpkin, then we're going to see a fabulous pumpkin creation :D.

  3. I love the colors in the first card. Very pretty!


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