Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 159

There is a wonderful little scene on this week's teapot.  Reminds me of the covers of the Lumby Line series.  You bet there's a story to go along with this one - click here

In the challenge translation Cindy said to bring trees, well I brought trees.  I think maybe too many trees at that.  They're more overwhelming than I had planned.  And instead of people houses I have bird houses! 

The birdhouse border stamp is an old SU stamp that I got on ebay a little while back.  Though the houses are not exactly the same as those on the teapot, they are cute and I had fun coloring them.

This card is destined for one of our fellow teapotters who has just undergone a knee replacement.  I hope this brightens up her rehab.  I know that it is not an easy recovery.

But, as late as I am, I am venturing over to the gallery to peruse the other lovely entries.  You really have to click here to see Cindy's card alone (Mothermark) - it's a jaw-dropper!  And Sabrina (cook22) has a waterfall card you won't want to miss.


  1. Love the birdhouses! I really wish SU had whimsical house stamps!!

  2. Your teapot cards are so wonderful! Whatchoo talkin' bout, too many trees! Na uh!!!

    Love this Lorraine and so will Connie!


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