Friday, August 12, 2011

Tag Card and Cupcake Stand

I promised this a while ago and had it queued up and almost forgot about it.  Wish I had a cupcake to show you how great this works. 

The cupcake stand is easy peasy.  You need a strip of cardstock 3" x 11" and you need to score it every
1 3/8".  Do mountain and valley folds across.  You can use whatever decorative punch that will fit inbetween the folds and punch it as you see in the picture above.  (I punched mine with the paper folded, but I caution you to take care not to force your punch with more than one layer of cardstock or you might break it.) 

Decorate as you like.  You will need a circle approximately 3" for the top.  I used a scallop circle die.  The pink circle is from the pennant die. 

I also used four 1" squares of paper in the top of the folded portion - half of it in the folds, the other half extending out so you could bend them down to accommodate the circles.  They were glued into the folded base and then I added strips of red-line tape on the top to adhere the circles.  (If this is unclear let me know and I'll try to take step-by-step pictures of another one.)

It honestly will hold a cupcake or muffin and would make a cute presentation on someone's desk at work for their birthday!

The card was done very simply with my stamping spots.  I just picked out some coordinating colors and stamped them somewhat randomly on the front of a tag-shaped card.  Then I used the same colors of ink to stamp the little flowers from Itty Bitty Pieces.  Before adding the ribbon, I used some of the leftover punched flowers that I had from the cupcake stand. 


  1. Oh wow! This is sooo cute & absoolutely gorjuss Lorraine! I just love it & will have to try it! I kno what I will be making this afternoon!
    Thanks so much for sharing, you clever lady!
    Sunshine NZ

  2. i love this! What a wonderful way to show off a cupcake! I will be trying this one for sure!! thanks for the instructions!

  3. No way! This is so cute! And it seems so easy! Good thing I visited your blog today! I mighta missed out! When I first saw it, I thought, how am I gonna do that? But wow, I might be able to handle it! So cute girlfriend! I love it!

  4. That looks really neat - definitely going to try that. And the bag is sweet. You're certainly the queen of beautifully presented little treats.


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