Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have learned a lesson the hard way and I would like to pass along what I've learned.

If you take your camera card to a store that has one of those machines that let's you print your own pictures or create a cd from what you have on your card, always make sure that you check that the pictures have actually been transferred to the cd before you leave the store.

Or at least check the CD when you get it home before you clear your camera card.  Don't wait two years like I did only to find out that the index card of thumbprints is all you have to show for your effort!

Thankfully, most of the pictures that I had on the CD in question I had already transferred to the computer, I just had to look very intently for them.  HWNSNBP knew that I was upset about this, but it was my own fault for not checking it sooner.  Oh, I had printed out some of the pictures that I wanted while I was doing the transfer originally and then I just filed the CD,  I remember that shortly after I had done this transfer I was in another store with another card and the counterperson actually suggested the checking to me at that time as they had had a few instances of CD failure.  You would think that I would have checked what I had at home, but not so. 

Hope this saves someone else some grief.

(There is another post for today.)

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  1. The definition of smug is someone *cough* who moves to Florida and says "Here, dear family. You can have all my printed photos...I have them on my computer."

    Then have a computer melt-down with no backup.

    Hey, it's NEVER gonna happen, right? Only to other people.


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