Sunday, August 14, 2011

Piggy Things

It's been raining all day today so I thought I'd catch up with some of these posts I had queued up.   

This piggy weather vane was coming home with me until I saw the price - $84, which probably wasn't a lot for a copper weather vane, however, it would probably cost me a heck of a lot more to have it installed on the roof as HWNSNBP is not about to try that trick.

Now this was supposed to be funny below.  I used my pig "corn-pickers".  HWNSNBP didn't quite get it (although it sometimes applies to him!).  Let me know if anyone does or if I really missed the mark.


  1. Yah, all your luck he would fall off the roof and then it would cost you $42,000 in medical expenses! Snort! But I don't blame you for wanting it girlfriend! Its the coolest!

  2. Too cute! Love that copper piggy! Would have liked to have seen you biking home with him in the basket :) Love the "corn pickers" too :) Simply adorable!!!! And can I just say that I LOVED the cupcake stand in your prior post!!!! I'm just catching up on reading and when I saw how you used that round tab punch I was blown away!!!!!!

  3. The weather vane is pretty amazing - but I can understand the logistical problems.
    I certainly get the corn cob skewers - and my, they're fun!!


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