Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hereford Inlet and Pigeon Talk (With a Little Pink Saturday Too)

After our visit to the garden at Leamings Run we ventured into North Wildwood to visit the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse. This has to be one of the more picturesque of the lighthouses we've been to if only for the lovely gardens that surround the lighthouse itself. 

Once you walk around the back of the building there is a lovely garden with many paths that you can take.  We took the path out to the little boardwalk area.  Just before you climb the walkway to the boardwalk they have these two lifeboats strategically placed. 

These pigeons were perched on the roof of the lighthouse and we just so happened to eavesdrop on them.....

I know, pretty sad - so let me leave you with some Pink Saturday pictures.

A crape myrtle in full bloom on the garden visit.

And the sunset from Monday night over the wildlife refuge in Barnegat.  I know it looks nothing like that tonight, but by Monday, hopefully the sky will illuminate it again.


  1. Love your photo's, both this post & the one below! The sunset looks beautiful, you have captured it at the right moment!
    Hope you are safe from "Irene".
    Sunshine NZ.

  2. Lovely way to end a day.
    Joyce M

  3. I want that picket fence! Your photos are glorious - thanks for sharing.


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