Monday, April 25, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 143 and a Bluebird Update

Well wouldn't this teapot be right up my alley!  I've scoured the internet and darned if I could ever find this bluebird teapot.  I do have one - my Rosie B. Farmer Songbird Garden in pink, but this one is cute too.  So there's a story to go with this teapot and you can find it here.  The destination this week is kind of fun.  We are to send our card to the person who posts their card in the gallery to left of us on SCS.


I used my retired Avian Toile stamp and watercolored it.  The trim on the top was cut using my MS fringe scissors (one of those splurges with a Mike's coupon). 

So at this point I thought I'd report on our bluebirds.  Yes, we have another nesting pair this year.  As I was going through my pictures I noticed we had pictures of nests on the same day for the past three years.

Nest 4-9-09

Nest 4-9-10 

Nest 4-9-11 

The lack of pine needles in the current year picture makes me think that this is a new pair of bluebirds and not a returning pair. 

And there was a couple of pictures of eggs on the same day in two separate years.

 Eggs 4-19-09

Eggs 4-19-11

Look how sweetly they have woven some feathers into the heart of this nest.   Presently there are 5 eggs in the nest.  We believe they are brooding now, so in about 12 days we should see hatchlings.  I'll keep posting as I can.


  1. My neighbor hoisted a birdhouse on a shepherd's hook and VOILA! Blue Birds!! Some folks just have the knack.

  2. What a beautiful card! I love this bird image and your coloring is gorgeous! How exciting to have another nest, too!

  3. Your card is beautiful. We have bluebirds here like that too. Can't wait to see the progress of the eggs. Love this.

  4. It was fascinating seeing the difference between the nests each year! I do, do hope you get some baby blues this year.
    I'd not seen that stamp before - it's a lovely one, and perfect for the challenge. We have some wild rose like that growing over the back wall - shame I'll never see a bluebird in it.

  5. Lorraine, I LOVE your coloring of this beautiful bluebird! It is a perfect spring day here in Colorado and your card fits right into the day :) Can't wait to see your new baby birds!!!! How sweet that they come back to you year after year - I love it! I also wanted to say thank you for your comments on my blog - your thoughts are so appreciated and your words always make me feel like a million bucks! Thanks so much!!!! Michelle :)


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