Monday, April 18, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 142

Tea and tulips - that's what's cooking at the party this week.  I love tulips.  My grandfather used to have beautiful parrot tulips.  When we first moved into our house we planted many tulips and the first year they came up they were beautiful.  I had spent many hours going through bulb catalogs planning successive blooms and pairing colors.  We spent more money on them than we should have, but we looked at it as an investment.  Then the deer found them.  They ate them all.  The Angeliques, the Emperors, the parrots, the stripes, all of them.   The only tulips I've had in the past few years are those that we got on clearance and put in a secluded place in the garden to use for cutting flowers.  Did you know that tulips continue to grow after they're cut?  The can grow up to an inch overnight and if you use them in an arrangement they should be trimmed daily so they don't get too droopy. 

This basket of tulips is going to the 90-year-old grandmother of one of our teapotters.  She has broken her arm and is in need of some cheering up as it's been a long healing process paired with a bout of vertigo. 

My new Totally Tulips embossing folder really spiffs up this clean and simple design.  The image is from A Flower For All Seasons.  I colored it with markers making the bird a bluebird of course! 

I expect we'll see lots of these kind of arrangements at flower stands all over the place this coming week with Easter on the way.  Until then, let's go check out the gallery.


  1. Oooh Lorraine, you are my first visit of the day! I am so glad I stopped by, I looked at that gorgeous tulip card inspired by the teapot and just read on. So sorry about your first round of tulips, deers can be "undearing" sometimes. LOL

    Happy day to you Lorraine, your card making style is so beauitful. :)Peggyxo

  2. The basket on the stamp makes a lovely substitute for the teapot in the glass. I nearly thought I was going to have to use the same stamp, till I found another one.
    And I never knew that tulips went on growing!! Any time I've used them as picked flowers, they just open up so much in the indoor warmth that any change in height hasn't been noticeable. That was an interesting fact to learn today.


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