Monday, April 11, 2011

Teapot Tuesday 141

Bring a card with a guitar on it she said.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Well how about a card that is a guitar? 

Who's got a Ticket to Ride? 

Our destination is a 62-year-old mentally disabled man who loves to get mail.  No, it's not his birthday.  No, he's not ill or recovering from something.  He just loves to get mail, so we're going to make him happy, happy, happy.

Come read Cindy's story to go with the teapot this week and then make sure to visit the gallery.


  1. That's one cool card - DH would like one like that, both on the guitar front and as a moderate Beatles fan. He was actually meant to be singing a Beatles song tonight at an open-mic affair, but I think he and his friend dropped that one from their play-list.

  2. Lorraine, this is FABULOUS! I came to your blog to see if you mentioned how you made your guitar. It totally rocks!


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