Friday, April 29, 2011

Just For Fun

We had some nasty rain yesterday with a short time spent in a tornado watch box on the weather station, but thankfully no tornado.  The wind afterward collected petals from the surrounding crab apple trees lined the edges of the sidewalks and looked so pretty.  Reminded me of confetti after a parade.

We had a little fun at school today.  Let me say we tried to have a little fun at school today.  There was so much buzz about the Royal Wedding that jokingly I said we should all wear a tiara or crown to school and have, as my daughter suggested, a Princess Party.  The staff has something they call Fat Friday on Friday's where each week a few of them take turns bringing in treats for those that participate and they put them out in the Faculty Room.  So we had people sign up to bring in things like scones, muffins, cream puffs, etc.  I also brought one of my teapots and tea cozy and my box of assorted teas. 

Last night I made some of these book marks to hand out to the staff who wore their crowns today.  The picture is not showing the very lovely soft plum color that I used and is also the color of the doily in the background.  Two of the stamps are from Artistic Etchings and the sentiment is a stamp I found in the dollar bin at Mike's. 


  1. :D, I saw some white blossom on the road the other day and thought the same - but I didn't stop to take a photo.
    The Artistic Etchings crown looks really beautiful in gold.
    I can't believe the weather you're having over there at the moment!! Here's hoping for some settled Spring weather with no surprises.

  2. Terrific bookmark, Lorraine! I bet the staff appreciated them. I love the collection of pretty cherry blossom petals in your photo, too. The weather this year has been scary, hasn't it? I sure hope Spring arrives soon.


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