Monday, April 25, 2011

Jingle Belles 17

Recycle...... reuse..... and jingle - that's our challenge for this week.  Timely I think, as the challenge is posted on Fridays and last Friday was Earth Day.  Jingle Belle Kathe Deck made this suggestion. 

I've done a couple of recycling projects this past week in honor of Earth Day but you know I have enough recyclable, reuseable, repurposeable stuff around here to definitely pull together one if not more cards.

Let's start with one.  I have been saving this red insert from an apron that my mother gave me for Valentine's Day.  I have a project in mind for most of it, but I knew I could get a 4 x 5 1/4" piece for my card.

That piece I ran through the Big Shot with an embossing folder.  I actually did it backwards, meaning for the flowers to be raised but I kind of like it as it turned out. 


The only things not recycled on this card are the card base and the silver tape around the embossed panel.  The skiing Santa on the sparkly background is taken from the front of a gift bag that I received at Christmas that had a gingerbread cookie mix in it.  The Santa is raised on dimensionals and the panel is too.  It was already framed in silver which is why I chose to add the silver foil tape to the red panel.

On the bottom the white ruffle is made from that thin foam sheeting you can find between glass items.  I cut it into a 1" strip and took a needle and thread and gathered it.  The baker's twine on this card is from a bakery box and not new.  The red ribbon is from the neck of the Easter Bunny candy that I bit the head off of yesterday!  And the button came from somewhere or another. 

So out of eight parts, 6 of these are recycled.  Pretty good - eh!

Okay, let's go see what the other's have been up to.  Click here.


  1. You are so clever! I really like the way you used all the different pieces..especially that white ruffle!

  2. I have a piece of that foam sitting on my work table right now ... it looks so cool ruffled ... love how you framed the panel with silver tape too ... very cool ... so glad you joined our jingle belles fun.

  3. i like the "backwards" embossing, too, it looks great on your card (would that be debossing? spell check doesn't approve), and i'm completely impressed by the REAL "not new" baker's twine and the gathered foam. well, actually i'm completely impressed by the entire card :) thanks for joining in!

  4. I love the de-bossed red layer; sometimes I like the subtlety of the de-bossed side better too.

    75% is upcycled...that is quite an accomplishment. Cute card!

  5. ok, NOW i want a bit of that glass-packing foam stuff to gather and ruffle AND a gingerbread cookie... not necessarily in that order, lol!

    LOVING both the gorgeous LOOK of this lovely card AND the fact that 6 of 8 pieces are re-used bits, and brilliant ones at that! well done, you, you're the earth day queen!!! <3

    (ps re embossing backwards: wait'll you see my card on friday, i did THE SAME THING... and then i went back to "fix" it and did it AGAIN!!!) (but we'll both call our textures "de-bossed" and pretend we MEANT to do it, k??!) :) :) :)


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