Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Wishes Egg and a White Elephant

I've had this wooden egg hanging around since a friend and I attended a rummage sale this past summer.  There was a craft table there and they gave you a bag for $1 and you could fill it with stuff from the table.  Well this 5" wooden egg was definitely worth the $1 itself so I was sure to stuff that baby in the bag.  And after some thinking of what I was going to do with it, this is what I came up with........

I sanded the egg and added two coats of gesso and then I took the Easter Wishes stamp set and with light color ink, played around with the images to make sure of the placement before I put them on permanently.  I lightly sanded again before using Basic Gray ink to add the images.  Using the clear-mount stamps makes it much easier to add images to curved items, though you do have to be steady and make sure you press down on the complete image.  I colored the cherry blossoms with markers adding a darker color over a lighter pink to give the flowers some dimension.  The eggs in the basket were also colored.  Then I set the whole thing aside to dry. 

At that point it looked quite stark with a white background so I got out my SU Pastels and started rubbing the color in to the background.  This was a little messy on the hands, but I like the way it came out.  I did take my light pink marker and went over the flowers again after the chalking to perk them up a little.  Still not satisfied, I added a light coat of acrylic matte spray.  And now I'm satisfied.  I posed it with my new little birdie salt and pepper shakers I treated myself to.

And, while I'm at it, I thought I'd share with you the items I snagged at the Rescue Squad yearly White Elephant sale last week.

There were two blue and white teapots I could not resist for $1.50 each and the blue and white crackled rabbit for a buck.

In the craft section there was this bag of plastic molds/plates that I thought I would try in my Cuttlebug or Big Shot.  There were duplicates of some of them so I can experiment away just in case one of them breaks.  Results of that to follow at another time.

I couldn't pass up this little kit with a stencil, protracter, sharpener, and some other goodies for a quarter.  Of course you know HWNSNBP aka the Box Man was raising his eyebrows at this purchase.

These are some of the other "craft" things I grabbed - a bundle of fabric for $2 and the tall aluminum tube with a stopper for a quarter, and the cross cookie cutter was also a quarter.

 The wire basket ran me 75 cents and the two bags of buttons were $2/each (I know - what do I need all those buttons for?  I just can't seem to resist them!)

 Then I spotted these two bell shaped glass decanters (with out stoppers) that I thought would look nice with some sand and shells in them for the condo.  Oh and there is a pretty nifty wire frame, and two silver clutch bags (not for using, but for another craft project) that I forgot to take a picture of. 

All told, I spent less than $20 but gladly gave them the whole thing as this is one of their fund raisers.

It was packed as usual.  There were at least 30 people in line waiting to get in when we drove up at 8:45.  They don't open the doors until 9.  I am very lucky that The Box Man comes along with me so I can pick through things easily.  He even spotted one of the teapots on top of a shelf for me. 

Now to find places for all this stuff!


  1. Space for stuff, ah yes - that's always a problem!! But those teapots are lovely, especially the one on the left, and I like the decanters a lot too.
    That egg is amazing - it looks like something you'd pick up in a shop specialising in old-fashioned bits and pieces. Do you still use the stamp on a block to stamp on such an irregular surface? Whatever you did, it certainly worked wonders. You have me thinking now - I have some little blank Russian dolls somebody gave me - I'm no painter so I haven't done anything with them yet, but stamping opens up some possibilities.

  2. Wow....this is a beauty for sure!!! I love it....and what great finds!!!
    Have an inky day!!! ;)

  3. Oh my gosh..I just saw this on Facebook for SCS.. It is awesome.. I LOVE this.. I squealed when I saw it.. You did such a great job. They don't have any type of rummage sales here. I miss them.. Great finds..The teapots are awesome..:)


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