Monday, August 30, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 109

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live to be 100?  Some large birds like this parrot might live to be 100 years old but just like humans they would have to be very healthy and well-looked after.  But to be a human being and to live that long - well what an accomplishment!  But how about this - my friend Jackie has befriended a woman by the name of Mrs. Eula Cousins.  Mrs. Cousins is going to celebrate her 108th birthday on September 14th.  

My friend Joan had shared my blog with Jackie and she was marveling at some of my posts and we got to talking about the Teapot Tuesday challenges.  I was explaining all about it and added that we have recently added a Destination Station.  When I went into more detail about it she brought up Mrs. Cousins and  asked if Mrs. Cousins 108th birthday could be a "Destination Station".  Well, the only way to find out was to ask - and so I did.

I e-mailed Cindy and shared with her what Jackie had sent to me and she was tickled to say YES!

"Mrs. Eula Cousins was born on September 14, 1902 in Elizabeth City North, Carolina. She was an only child and describes her childhood as a "glorious series of adventures"!! She moved to Philadelphia and married Dr. William Cousins (an Optometrist) and they enjoyed 42 years of marriage!

The two of them were known philanthropists and sponsored many children to attend college. They traveled extensively to Germany, Spain and the Scandinavian countries! Mrs. Cousins is a lover of History and reads 2 historical novels a month. She loves poetry and reading!

Mrs. Cousins was known for her flower gardens and her favorite flower is the rose. She grew over 50 different varieties in her garden. She loves cats and had a cat named Marcy Ann that lived to the old age of 17. She loves crafts - she sews, crochets, and makes bookmarks using her dried flowers.

She is busy making blankets to be donated to dialysis patients. She currently has a parrot named Star that she loves to care for! She attends 4-6 hours of classes at Cathedral Village and describes herself as life long student of life! My fondest memory was spending the day with her to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama! Imagine how many Presidents she has lived to experience!

She is the oldest resident at Cathedral Village and is busy planning her party to celebrate 108 "glorious" years of life!"

Cindy, being the wonderful storyteller that she is has woven a story that touches on Mrs. Cousin's wonderful, adventurous life and her little parrot Star.  You can read it here.  The teapot she chose is perfect and here is my interpretation..............

I did not have any parrot stamps and I could have gone another way with this, but I really love birds so I thought I'd try my own watercoloring of the bird.  (Shhhhhh!  DO NOT tell HWNSNBP that cards can be made without stamps, okay????)

The sentiment I added (which is a stamp from SU's Whimsical Words - whew!!) says - "The more candles the bigger the wish" - so to you Mrs. Cousins may you have the biggest and best wish and receive many beautiful cards from the lovely teapotters. 

And anyone who is reading this who would like to send her a card - it doesn't have to be handmade - just e-mail me or leave me a message in a comment and I'll send you the address.  The more the merrier!!!

I"ll be back to add the links to the challenge and the gallery once they are posted!


  1. What a fun story. I love this..Did you draw that parrot.. Your watercoloring is amazing. Your secret from dear hubby is safe with me.. This is terrific..

  2. Yay Lorraine!! So happy to see someone delving into watercoloring like me!! This is fantastic gf!! You need to keep up with this medium. You truly did a fabulous job!! What a happy story you shared with us today. Thank you for that! Off to plan my card...I think it wil be...well roses!!
    Hugs, Judi

  3. Lorraine - what a fabulous parrot! Your secret is safe, but I always wonder why people who can draw need stamps in the first place :D.
    Love that parrot, and those lovely coral flowers and your great sponging - all making for such a beautiful card. Are you going to tuck the feathers in?

  4. Wow Lorraine. You are a true artist!

  5. Oh my what a beautiful take on this weeks challenge!!!! So happy to be having tea with you (:

  6. You da man! Well, you know what I mean! Giggle! I am typing this extra your hubby doesn't hear....but I am very impressed with you stamping a card with no stamps! Whoo Hoo! I am trying to figure out what I need all of the stamps in my stamp room for too! Snort!

    You rock Lorriane! You card is so special and absolutely gorgeous! I am so tickled you and your friend bought Mrs. Eula Cousins to our attention!



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