Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Separate Sunday Walks

The past couple of Sunday's we've walked both at the lighthouse and near the bay beach.  The birds always seem to be ready to have their pictures taken.

See the gull on the right.  He actually laughed at me after I took this.  His "ha, ha, ha, ha"  certainly sounded like laughter.  He made us laugh.  A good way to start that trek down to the beach.

I almost got wet taking this one.  Looking up the dune towards the lighthouse the gull standing stoically looking out to sea.

These two were perched on those signs looking toward the beach as if wondering where the lifeguard was.  I have no idea what those signs are for as they're facing away from the beach.  Probably some kind of warning for boaters I'm guessing.

Opposite those signs is this wooden pier where a flight of cormorants were gathered.  This is the first time I can remember seeing these birds in that area.  They might have been there all along, but their distinctive body shape clicked in my mind this time (thanks Sabrina - your bird identification on your blog has helped me here!).  There was something about the silhouettes of those birds against the shining water.

You might think that this one is either drying his wings or getting ready to take off.  Actually, I was reading a little about cormorants and he's probably just letting the others know to keep out of his space.   

The last three pictures were taken with my pocket camera which doesn't have a viewfinder. I take most of my close-up indoor pictures with that one and it does well with those type of pictures. But I prefer my bigger camera with the viewfinder and the zoom lens when shooting outdoors. Can you tell the difference between the first two pictures and the last three?  I know I would have gotten more detail on the cormorants with the big camera.  I'll have to remember to throw it over my shoulder the next time we head out that way.

I know this is supposed to be mainly a crafting blog so I hope my visitor's aren't getting bored with my Ramblings in Photos.  We've been spending more time "down the shore" lately which has kind of temporarily side-lined my crafting.  But it's a good trade-off being able to relax and enjoy our surroundings. 

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  1. Well, it goes without saying that I certainly enjoy your *ramblings* posts. The third and fourth pictures I think are perfectly framed regardless of which camera you had.
    One of my books says that cormorants (and anhingas, whatever they are) don't oil their wings, especially so that they will absorb water and get heavier for more effective diving, so that actually they do need to spread their wings out to dry. We must be reading different books :D.


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