Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday Afternoon with the Yankees

If I hadn't given a title to this post would anyone recognize this facade? 

We arrived at the stadium early and walked around inside finally taking our seats at the time above.  Game time was 1:00 so we sat and did some people watching and had a bite to eat before the game began.

We caught the tail end of batting practice - as you can see the players are leaving the field.

This is Kim Jones of the YES Network propped in front of  the Yankee dugout doing her pre-game spiel.

Derek Jeter at the plate, Eduardo Nunez at first after his first Major League hit.

Enter Mariano Rivera to take that lead and hold it til the end.

Final score Yankees 9 - Seattle 5

We left early in the morning and took the train to NY.  I can't believe that the price has gone up so much.  It was $27.50 each round trip to NY Penn Station.  Then we got on the subway (the C to the D) which brought us right up across the street from the stadium in the Bronx.

Between the last two stops on the subway we got a quick serenade by an impromptu Mexican duo on the guitar and accordian - they were complete with costumes and had a third person walking through the car with his hat out.  I have to say that we were completely caught off guard with this although it did make us smile.

Thankfully it was an overcast day for the most part until the later innings so we didn't get overheated in our seats which, by the way were great - right field four rows in. 

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