Thursday, July 8, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 101

I'm melting, I'm melting.............. oh no, wait, those are the words of the Wicked Witch of the West when she got doused with water.  No, I haven't been doused with a pail full of water, I've been avoiding my stamp room as we are in the throes of a heat wave here and sadly, that room is not air-conditioned.  It is not too easy to stamp with a fan on the highest speed blowing on you.  The breeze is comfortable for keeping you cool, however, things get blown all over the place and ink dries before it's supposed to, and markers, well I won't go on. 

So anyway, that is my excuse for 1) being late to the tea party and 2) for such a stinky card.  Well, not so much stinky as not really up to par.  I have to say that it does look a lot better in person, but it's not really what I like to produce especially for such a monumental tea party.

Yes, we are celebrating the 101st tea party with the teapot below and there is a story that goes with it that you have to read because I'm sure you'll be looking at the teapot and my card and wondering "what was she thinking????"!

A spotless dalmation that needs some spots!  So we were to bring spots, or dots, ........ 42,000 of them to be specific.  Someone else will be doing the counting thank goodness!

So I have spots on my background, spots on the ribbon, spots on the white circle (which could be a spot too, along with the Razzleberry circle), spots on the tea cup, and a spot of a brad.  Hmph!  I think I've seen enough spots for now!

The tea cup was in the $1 stamps at Michael's and the stamp with the dots on the white circle was a purchase from many moons ago at a store no longer in business.  The colors I used were also from this week's color challenge - Baja Razzleberry Saffrons (Baja Breeze, Rich Razzleberry, and So Saffron).  I forget what the dessert option was.  The sentiment on the teacup comes from the Teaparty set from Rubbernecker Stamps (oh thank you again Teapot Queen!).

So, hopefully I will get to the gallery soon and look at all the beautiful cards next to this particularly sad one!  Care to join me?  Click the link above.


  1. I think it's a pretty card, Lorraine, and agree with Bertie that you NEEEEEED air conditioning in your stamping room!

  2. Whaddya mean ya ain't got no air condition' in yer stampin' room, Meez Lorraine? That's a downright crime in my book. Ya gots to be able to stamp, gf!
    I, for one, love yer darlin', dotty card. I think ya done a doggone rootin-tootin' good job with all them thar challenges and all with no air condition'! What a trouper you are!

  3. Definitely fans are not a good mix with crafting! Glad you found a little time for coming along to the tea-party with all your spots and dots. And actually, I think tea is a pretty refreshing drink in the heat. Once we climbed the highest mountain in the next county one summer holiday weekend (not all that high, truth be told), and C thought I was mad bringing a thermos and tea instead of a bottle of water, but he was very happy to drink it at the top.


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