Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finding a New Place

We took a walk on Sunday morning along the bay beach drive at Barnegat.  Upon closer inspection we found that there was another public beach area with a long dock attached to it.  It was very refreshing to walk out to the end and catch the breeze off the bay.  Looking down I saw this crab shell and feather flapping in the wind......

If you look closely at the water in the first picture you can see the eel grass growing underwater.  There seems to be a lot of it this year and we recently heard that a lot of it is being churned up by boaters and is leaving the bay inlet and causing some smelly problems on the ocean beaches.  It is not a pleasant smell.

Here is a seagull that has apparently found a feast.  Somebody was crabbing with chicken and either they threw it away, or the seagull stole it.  That happens sometimes.  Just last weekend HWNSNBP had a fish head stolen by a seagull while he was baiting a crab trap with the tail. 


  1. Beautiful pictures.. They are so calm looking.. I love the seagull. We have many hear at the beaches in NC.. Great photography as always..:)

  2. Oh, you are making we wish we lived nearer the sea. I know we could drive there, but the park and canal are nearer. Mind you, bad seaside smells are not fun. I really like the first picture, with the contrast between the sea and the weathered wood.
    When we grew up the local landfill was the far side of the railway tracks, and we had a LOT of gulls around. If we found strange things like scraps of burnt toast in the garden it was a fair bet that a gull had dropped it.


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