Monday, July 26, 2010

Teapot Tuesday 103

Yikes, it's Monday I know, but not the Monday before last Tuesday.  It's the Monday after last Tuesday, and almost Tuesday again, and geez, what have I been doing that it took me so long to get last Tuesday's teapot card done?  Well, I've been working on several large projects, one of them being an order from a friend for 70 shower favors (which I'll post after the shower so as not to spoil anything), and although I love my summer work hours, it is a long day and with this heat we've been experiencing, I just haven't had much energy for fun things.

But anyway, enough of that and look at this wonderful teapot Cindy gave us as inspiration for this week.  And it has a destination station in New Zealand for one of our fellow teapotter's daughter who has just had her tonsils out.  This brightly colored inspiration is sure to be a smile-maker for that little girl when she receives all her "heartfelt" well wishes.

Surprisingly, although it took me almost a week to sit down and get this done, it came together very quickly.  Well, with such wonderful colors and patterns to work with, how could you go wrong.  I sure hope that this will make Georgia smile.  I've not had my tonsils out, but Christopher did and from what I remember, it was not the most pleasant experience for him. 

The hearts are from the I {Heart} Hearts set and the little flowers are from a retired set called Sprinkles.  I just kind of went crazy with the colors - it was a lot of fun and so nice to be able to sit down and create something again.

So why don't you join me taking a look at the Teapot Gallery from, uh hum, last Tuesday.

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  1. I like the way you picked out the blue spotted background - I don't remember that anyone else did that to such effect. And with the black and white panel, it leaves all the strong colours to stand out in that ring of hearts. Georgia is certainly going to have a wonderful colourful display.


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