Monday, March 1, 2010

National Pig Day

March 1st is National Pig Day.  If you know me, you know I like to celebrate some of the more obscure holidays and this is one of them.  I prefer to call it Flying Pig Day as to me, the flying pig is a symbol of accomplishing the impossible.  One can say that it expresses hope, perseverance, and determination.

I have my reasons for celebrating this holiday and they began several years ago.  You can read about that in my post from last year.  But it has become even more personal to me over the course of this last 14 months and, as luck would have it, I now owe a bit of my health to a pig.  (They used a pig's pericardium to repair the hernias I had in my hysterectomy incision.) 

Of course you know the phrase "when pigs fly" is a figure of speech that is, to quote Wikipedia "in the form of hyperbole taken to such extreme lengths as to suggest a complete impossibility".  But did you know that that has a name too - it's called Adynaton.  Another example would be "when hell freezes over".  These things that express the impossible.  I love finding new words that define the trivial things.  It doesn't always follow that I'll remember them, but in this case I just might. Call it a "when pigs fly" moment.

I have made some cards and tags to celebrate this year.  I have a list that keeps growing of my "pig ladies".  Those that may or may not at the moment need some encouragement or have in the past.   My message to them this year - The Sky is the Limit!  I hope they find something inside themselves to push ahead and overcome the things that they feel are impossible at this time. 

These are the earrings that HWNSNBP got me for Christmas and a pin that I recently found on Etsy that I got for myself.

Last week HWNSNBP and I went to a flower show and he insisted that we get this bird feeder.  I'll be putting it outside later today. 

So if you're reading this today, do me a favor and wish someone a Happy National Pig Day.  You never know, they just might need a little encouragement.  And I'll leave you with this.....

A pig that has wings
Does impossible things!
Over clouds it can fly
In the wink of an eye!
She may tickle you pink
But she wants you to think
Of her messge to each
"Nothing's out of your reach!"
©LMastalski 2007


  1. Thank you for such a positive message to start the week - and month. I always spot flying pigs anyway because a friend uses one as her logo. Celebrating the idea of Flying Pigs sounds so much more meaningful than just National Pig Day.
    And what a lovely collection of pigs to celebrate with - the feeder is darling. Hope it attracts plenty of birds.

  2. Your timing was awesome. I got my flying pig card in the mail yesterday. I squealed, just like a pig. My kids acted like I had lost my mind. I was so excited to get a National Pig Day card. You are such a sweet friend!! It really cheered me up. I fell last Saturday and have been in a lot of pain. I can finally move my leg some. Your card was a ray of sunshine and joy.

  3. Happy Pigs Day Lorraine, sorry I'm late:-(
    Your pig card is just gorgeous - did you see mine on my blog?! It was sometime last year..or maybe before that even, I forget.
    Also love your new bird feeder, it is so cute! Bet your birds will ove it too:-)
    Thank you for the inspiring words about the sky being the limit, I just needed that right now!
    Having a rought ime with my moms lawyer who is refusing to pay her funeral bill in full (My mom had a funeral fund with him) - long story! And it's been going on for several months.
    Better go before I tear my hair out!
    {{HUGS}} from Sunshine

  4. This is beautiful. I love pigs but for a different reason.. They bring back sweet and wonderful memories of my childhood. You have now brought a whole new meaning to this saying and the symbol they have in your life.


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