Sunday, March 1, 2009

National Pig Day

I don't know how it originated but there is a reason that I have started celebrating National Pig Day. Several years ago a friend of mine was at a particularly low point in her life having been diagnosed and going through treatment for breast cancer. She didn't want any sappy get well cards, she wanted to be reminded of the humor that life holds. So I thought it might be a good idea to celebrate some not-so-common holidays, National Pig Day being one of them.

The image of a flying pig has always intrigued me. There is the negative aspect of saying "when pigs fly" but I chose to make it into something positive because I thought it must take some kind of determination to be able to grow wings and get that little pig to fly.

I had some little angel pig ornaments that were not quite finished and had been set aside years ago when I stopped doing craft shows. I got them out and finished them and sent them on their way to what I call my "pig ladies". The list at that time was rather small (determined by the amount of pigs that I had on hand) but the message that I sent with each one was that on National Pig Day the flying pig was the symbol of accomplishing the impossible. The list has grown every year.

I made little pig pins the next year and last year I made a paper punched ornament. You can see them both here. This year I was lucky enough to find a couple of pig momento's - a little pig snack container at $Tree and some cute little glass ornaments at Oriental Trading. So I stocked up on them and this year I was able to celebrate National Pig Day again with my "pig ladies".

And, thanks to the kindness of my friend Linda's daughter Michelle who is currently in Germany with her husband, I was able to share these Fred Ferkel gummy pigs. (Thanks Michelle - I have a pig ornie for you too!)

This is the card that I made for National Pig Day.

The sentiment on the outside says "Dream A Little" and on the inside I included:

March 1st is National Pig Day

The winged pig ~
Symbol of accomplishing the impossible.
Do you dare to dream a little?
Set your sights, spread your wings and fly!

I've named the Pig Persistence because.....

Persistence is what makes the impossible possible,
The possible likely,
And the likely definite. (Unknown)

So even if you didn't receive one of my packages or cards for National Pig Day, I hope that you will consider yourself among my "pig ladies" and "dream a little" - you never know when, with a little Persistence, those dreams will come true.

P.S. Sadly I lost my friend recently. She fought the hard battle and persisted until the end but passed away while I was in hospital following my surgery in January. I did not get to say good-by to her but I know that she has wings of her own now and she'll always be an inspiration to those of us who loved her.


  1. What a wonderful story! And what a wonderful thing you do each year! Reading your story made me be proud to be one of your pig ladies! Your sweet little card and amazing little package that you put together was so fun to receive!

    I am thrilled to be on the receiving end of your wonderful gift. I am so sorry that you lost your friend. Breast cancer effects so many lives and its sad that for every success story there is also a tragic story....I am so sorry that your friend lost her life!

    What a wonderful post, for a wonderful reason and I think I might start celebrating this day too! I love your reason to use the flying pig.

    I have a friend that lost her husband years ago and flying pigs are dear to her because he always used that expression. I made her a card sometime back, she is Carn, my SU demo that I talk about on my blog!

    Wow, this is a long comment...sorry! Thank you so much Lorraine! You made my day! I am so honored to be on your list of Pig Ladies!!!

    Snugs....that's hugs and snorts!!!

  2. I'm sitting here, where I've been sitting for two weeks, and what is beside me? Besides antibiotics, kleenex, sinus pills, Mucinex, and a flashlight...(well, I haven't cleaned in a while) but RIGHT beside me is my little piggy card. Joe brought it to me IMMEDIATELY from the mailbox, because he knows that I rarely get a card, and yet I go into a happy dance when I do.

    I'm doing my happy dance for you right now. . . well, OK. I'm wiggling my fingers.

  3. This is absolutely wonderful! I will have to remember National Pig Day next year.

  4. This is such a beautiful story. What a wonderful thing you did to encourage your friend in such a positive way. I am so sorry that you lost her. I know how difficult it is when you don't have the chance to say goodbye. The same thing happened to me several years ago.
    I don't think I'll ever forget your story. Thank you for sharing it.
    Take care.
    P.S. All of your flying piggies, including your cards are just adorable.

  5. oh this is so nice!! I will absolutely remember Pig Day next year! I am so sorry you lost your friend, but this is an absolutely wonderful post!

  6. I am so sorry you lost your friend. You were an amazing friend and this must have brought her such joy at a difficult time. You really touched my heart with the package I received. The recovery from my hyst has been rough and I feel so blessed to have women that understand that.. Huge hugs..


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