Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Great NJ Lighthouse Challenge - (3) East Point

Our third leg of the trip was one of the longest. We traveled through Salem County to get to East Point Lighthouse. In a previous post I wrote about a shack along the side of the road just before you get to this lighthouse.
When we got there it was high tide and very blustery. The lighthouse helpers had moved their tent up next to the building which takes a little away from the picture, so I decided to post some of the pictures from last year's challenge.
This is one of the prettiest settings for all of the lighthouses in my opinion. On a nice day at low tide you can walk along the shoreline and get a glimpse of East Point throught the grasses.

I tried to get a shot of each of the light sources in the pictures that I took last year, and again, I will include them in my posts. You will see how very different they all are.

I hope you are enjoying the trip!

To be continued...........

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