Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fabulous Flower Angel

This little angel can hang on a tree or package. You will need the Fabulous Flowers stamp set and your favorite color ink.

You'll also need silver or gold cord, 1 large pearl and one medium pearl, a paper piercer or tapestry needle. The halo piece is optional - in this case I used a silver filigree circle .

Not pictured is sticky strip.

Stamp the large flower 3 times and the pointed flower once.

You will cut out these pieces using the pattern (in black) below. Use 1, 2, and 4. Cut two petals (top and bottom) from the pointed flower - this will be the wing piece.
Using sticky strip, create cone shapes from the large flower pieces. Fold the wing piece in the center.

Make a hole in the center of each cone piece.

Cut a 12" piece of cord and fold it in half - knot the end making a loop. Thread the loop through the cone pieces adding the small pearl between the upper two cones, and the large pearl at the top. (I bent a small piece of wire in half to help thread the loop through the holes in the cones and pearls.)

You will need to add your halo piece on top of the pearl. Twist the cord into a knot above the halo. You might want to add a little crystal effects or liquid glue around the top knot to keep everything in place.

Attach the wings with liquid glue or a small piece of sticky strip.

You can add glitter to the edges to sparkle this up.

What do you think! Easy?


  1. WOW - this is just gorgeous! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I'm going to make one straight away - just wish we had the filigree circles in Australia :-)

  2. Wow! So creative. I will have to save this tutorial for my neice. She makes angels every year for Christmas. I think she would like these. Great job with the tutorial.

  3. Awesome!!!Wish I had this set - you may have just enabled me!

  4. This is gorgeous and such a creative idea! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  5. Totally beautiful, totally brilliant!

  6. Very cute Lorraine...going to try this! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  7. Just love these little angels! They will look fab on the tree. Thanks for the tutorial......I will be making them for my stampin buddies!

    joyk (on SCS)

  8. What a clever and absolutely beautiful ornament!!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing it and how you made it!

  9. This is amazing! someone from a group I am on linked us to this wonderful tutorial! Beautiful and creative!

  10. Wow...this is fabulous! I'm inspired to make some for gifts this year! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  11. What a fantastic idea. Love it.
    Happy Holidays

  12. Absolutely amazing! Isn't she just the cutest! My sister in law collections angels....Do I have that stamp, I can't remember! But know I know where these directions are for my future reference! This is just the cutest!

    You rock girly!

  13. This is fabulous. TFS! Super blog! I love Cindy's teapot challenges, too.

  14. This angel is super sweet! You are one creative lady!

  15. OMW, this is beautiful...and your tree is too! I am so glad you visited my blog so I could visit yours!

  16. Absolutely beautiful!!
    Your angel is today's project for the 3D demo challenge on SCS. Thanks for the inspiration!


  17. I just discovered the 3D challenge over at SCS and it led me back here to your lovely angel and your blog that's so full of creativity. Much to my surprise, I find that you're a fellow INKredible Inker! I just participated in my first color challenge this week, so maybe we'll cross paths once in a while. Nice to 'meet' you!

  18. i just love this angel , would love to make some for my tree this year but cant find these stamps anyone know where I might find them , ive looked on ebay and amazon and stampin up web site don't see them anywhere. i have just come across this angel tut this week and have been looking ever since. any help would be appreciated. thanks Lesia

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