Thursday, June 5, 2008


"When friends are together, hearts speak without words" - that's the sentiment on this diorama card. Someone very close to me is celebrating a birthday soon (I won't say who just yet) and I wanted a very special card. The sentiment and inside image is from the retired SU set Heartspeak which was available for a very short time, and although it wasn't an initial purchase of mine when the catalog came out, I knew I had to have it when it went on the retirement list in December.

Back a few months I had stamped and watercolored a couple of the baskets of flowers and used one for the get well card below. The other was put aside to use another day. The basket of flowers are colored with the same color combos but you can see how the colors of the rest of the card make them look different.

If you would like the recipe for either of these cards, please leave a comment.

Edited 6/8: The recipient is my dear friend Joan. She called this evening to say that she received the card in the mail and to say thanks. Joan and I have been friends since we were in middle school, many, many, years ago. I couldn't get by without our weekly chit-chats on the phone or the various shopping trips (flea markets, $stores, craft stores) that we get together for. She is definitely one of the golden ones!!!!


  1. What beautiful cards you create! And I love the recipe box on the next page.
    You are very talented!

  2. Your paper projects are absolutely beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog.
    I love the wildlife photos you share too. We don't have bluebirds or deer where I live so it is wonderful to be able to see photos. Wow, bluebirds are so, uhm, brilliant blue! Never knew that.

  3. Thank you geri. And thank you also to mousechirpy. I hope you come back to see the progress of the babies.


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