Sunday, June 8, 2008

Garage Sale and SU Rub-Ons

Saturday was the semi-annual garage sale at Kirkside - they have one in October and the other in June, and I try not to miss them because they usually have good stuff. The 50 cent items were the white vases, the chicken and the white doilies. The embroidered napkins were 25 cents for all of them. In the back is a clear paperweight top - I got a box of 12 of these for $2 (a bargain), and the tea cup and saucer is one of 5 matching pairs that was also $2.

My Boxman was with me, and I have to say that he didn't even utter the words "what are you going to do with that?" I think maybe because it was like 90 degrees at 9 a.m. and he wanted me to hurry.
The first thing that I picked up was the embroidered napkins which elated and saddened me at the same time. I've done embroidery and I know that I would be heartbroken to see someone be able to buy my work at such a small price. But as the purchaser, I do know that the value is greater than what I paid and I am appreciative of the work.

The two white vases are essentially blank canvasses. I specifically chose them so that I could use the Stampin' Up rub-ons that I have.

Here you see both before and after photos. The rub-ons that I used were the ones I earned from Sale-abration earlier this year, but if you're interested in something like this, there are others available both in our standard and our mini-catalogs. They adhere to paper, glass, chipboard, ceramics, and metal.

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  1. You were so right about the little napkins. I would be heartbroken if my work was worth so little in someone's eyes. But you did get a bargain! I also love what you did with those vases! I have the rub-ons, and I still haven't done anything with them. Apparently inspiration comes slowly sometimes.


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