Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blue(birds) and Green(pool)

This picture is fuzzy and I apologize for that, but I was rushed by the ladder holder. Aren't they pretty. You can see their blue coloring now. Remember that these are Eastern Bluebirds not Blue Jays. I have no idea what a baby jay would look like, but I'm pretty sure that the parents would not tolerate picture taking this close. They should start their jumping and flapping soon, if they haven't already. What does that mean? Well, it's a practice session of sorts. They will stand on those little legs and jump up and down and flap their wings - because, after all, they will have to jump up to the opening to get out. And once they get to that opening, the first three in this case don't stand a chance of not being pushed out and have to fly or flop to the ground. There will be a commotion in the yard when that happens. The parents will go nuts trying to keep an eye on 4 babies that are now spread out in the yard instead of snug in the box. And, most likely, this will not happen when the camera (or photographer) is around. But I'll try to get some more pictures in the next couple of days before they fledge.

Second picture today is of our pool. We replaced our old one with a new one with this cool liner - but realize that it's not green - that's the water. Because we have a well, we can't just let the hose go until it's full. We have to do a little each day, and now, because of the heat wave that we are having, the water is a most iridescent shade of green. Can't wait until he shocks the s......., ummmmmm, green out of it!
Third pic (bet you thought there would only be two because of the title!!!) is of some berries I found growing in our garden. At first I thought that they were wild strawberries, and they are kind of. They are wood strawberries. Which means that while they are not poisonous or anything like that, they also do not have any taste (which is probably why I found them and not the birds!!!).
Fourth pic (I know - you could have done without the last two) is of the blueberry harvest from our garden. This is what the birds/squirrels have not gotten. Yes, there are some green ones still on the bush, but not many more, and if I don't get them first.... well, they will be the feast of some animal.
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  1. Hi from New Zealand! I loved the pics of your little blue-birds, thy are so cute! And I was interested in your fruit pics too, we have different fruits here but have the blueberries - one of my faves!
    Love your blog, TFS!
    Sunshine NZ xo


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