Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Art Journaling is a Slow Go For Me

Taking part in a challenge with a prompt for every day can be daunting if you make it. I refuse to make this Daisy Yellow 31 day challenge that.  Meaning, I'm not strictly adhering to getting one page done each day.  I probably could if I prioritized my time differently but that's not going to happen. Some of these pages just take more time - by my choice really.  

Prompt:  1960's - neon colors, peace signs, flower power.  Watercolors and markers.

Prompt:  Butterfly - sort of a tesselation with markers and gel pen. 

Prompt:  Collection - I have these somewhere..... a collection of cobalt blue vases.  Done in watercolor pencil and paint.  (Scoured many flea markets for these.)

Prompt:  Espresso - Some lettering practice with some faux coffee stains in watercolors.

Prompt:  Pinwheel - an attempt at a tesselation.  Watercolor pencils.

Prompt: Kimono - on display, not worn.  Those designs were intended to look like fern fronds but wound up looking more like salamanders I think.  And here's a word of advice - you have to spell kimono if you want help from SIRI to show you a picture of one, otherwise she will keep sending you to some obscure movie called Come Mono and frustrate the hell out of you!.  

Prompt:  Wallpaper - crayon resist with watercolors.  The lesson in this one should be obvious, it is very hard to tell where the white crayon is on white paper.  If I were to try it again, I would do a sample in thick black marker on another sheet and then put it behind the actual page to trace it, otherwise it's all hit and miss.  And yes, I would put this wallpaper in a tropical themed bathroom.

Prompt:  10 Favorites - or, as it turned out 10 favorite buttons in watercolor pencil. I stewed over this prompt for a couple of days before I decided to go in this direction.  

Prompt:  Darkness - strictly colored pencil, the aquapainter is only there to hold the curled edge down.  Pencils were not heavy enough!

So I've done 11 so far of 31. It may take me two months at this rate.  But that's okay too.

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  1. Espresso and Darkness are my favourites. Well done for doing it, even in your own time. I get demotivated if I can't keep up, so nowadays I am just realistic about what I think I can achieve, and let the rest slide rather than feel self-imposed guilt.


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