Friday, December 25, 2015

The Christmas Elf and Squid - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

These woven paper stars were the "Christmas Elf's" gift to the staff at our school this year.

Little white clothespin wishing PEACE and JOY!

Hung from gold, silver, and red cord, and woven in red, green, blue and dark pink scrapbook paper. (Directions here.)

To be hung from a branch with the clothespin.

Tucked into their mailboxes the last day of school before break.  And speaking of the last day of school - it was one of those wacky days - wear what you want, and this student certainly did coming to school with his "squid" headdress!  He even signed in late as "The Squid"!

Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day buffet at behind me now, so I will get to relax the rest of the evening and contemplate how good it was to be with family celebrating.  Hopefully you, dear readers, will get the chance to do the same.  

Merry Christmas!


  1. Love the paper stars and I am going to try to make some later!
    Than you for your gorjuss "star" Christmas card! I was so taken with the stars I told Santa" that I needed some in my Christmas stocking! He quickly told his Elves to make sure there was some in my Christmas stocking the next day...Bingo! Christmas Day arrives and guess what?! A set of star dies was waiting for me by the chimney!
    Hope you had a great Christmas Day:-)

  2. I love the ornaments and that squid. We had that kind of day the last day of school also. I will have to try making some of those stars.

  3. Your school staff are SO lucky to have such a diligent and hard-working elf. I'd love to see the "workshop" some time :D.


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