Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jingle Belles - Getting Sketchy

I've been very remiss with keeping up with the Jingle Belles challenges these last few months and believe me, HWNSNBP has noticed and has asked me for a count of my finished cards a couple of times already.  I told him I'm not counting, but I know that right now I am short on cards.  Luckily there are still several weeks to do some catching up.  And this challenge is all about the sketch!

This one as a matter of fact.

Pretty sketch - don't you think?  Anyhoo, this is what I came up with.  Okay, so black isn't a usual choice for a holiday card, but here is the dilemma I was working around.  Stampers out there - have you ever liked a stamp and then bought it and then wonder "how the heck am I going to color this"? Especially if you're lured to the beauty of the stamp by a catalog picture, or a sample you've seen and it's done in color.  Or maybe you see it and picture in your head how you would color it never giving full attention to the method.  Well, this stamp (from Picture Show Stamps on Etsy) is one of those and it just happened to be on my work table almost begging me to use it for this sketch.  I guess I could have done it in any single color, but I went for the black embossing because I also had this pack of SU paper in black and white (and red and pink) graphic designs on my work space.  I thought the wavy piece could be done in red like a scarf.  And then I went a little further with the scarf thing and used some baker's twine and crocheted a little scarf and added a much larger tassel to it trying not to sway too far from the original sketch.

I added some die cut glitter paper stars and "be merry" die cut from silver paper.  HWNSNBP says it's a top 5 card for the year, but I think he was just happy that I managed to get another Christmas card done. 
So let me get over to the Jingle Belles and see what other sketchy loveliness is there. 


  1. LOL, I know just what you mean about those Picture Show stamps....but I think you mastered this image perfectly, he looks quite dapper, especially with the black checked embossed background and his crocheted embellishment....snazzy!

  2. well now that you mention it, i spose it's unusual to see b&w for holiday cards; but now that i've seen ♥THIS♥ my question is why??!?!?!? b/c this is AWESOME with the snowman and the houndstooth and that divine pop of red! YOWZA! i'm trying to think what b&w goodness i could bust out to do something similar... hmmmmmm... meanwhile it's awesome to see ya in the JINGLE BELLES house, missus!!! ♥♥♥

    ps: it'd be nice to see ya in the *bergold* house for that matter... we should have a crafty play date dontcha think...? :)

  3. I agree with your husband. It looks great

  4. A merry card indeed .. love the fun tassel ... so very glad you got sketchy with us at jingle belles.

  5. Great use of the sketch. With the black and white and red and especially the little tassel, this has an Asian feel to it. What fine detail work crocheting the scarf in twine!


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