Monday, August 6, 2012

July - Wrapping Up with Some Photos

Happy to report that Mr. and Mrs. Blue successfully fledged a clutch of 5 little ones.  We were able to see them hatch via the nest cam and watched them almost right up to the day they fledged.  They fledged on a weekend and we were away.  But we have seen them come and go a few times since.  

These are the remnants of a bouquet of flowers that I bought for the Fourth of July.  This was a red spider mum that I forgot to dispose of before we left the condo to come home and it was the prettiest spider that I have ever found on the floor in a corner.  

Our friend Jackie treated us to a wonderful July 4th indoor picnic at our friend Joan's condo.  She fried up catfish and hush puppies, made barbequed chicken and coleslaw, and treated us to these delicious lemon blueberry individual pound cakes for dessert.  

I spent most of my creative time during the month of July making the invitations for my son's wedding.  Since they went postal a couple of days ago, I'll have pictures to share shortly.  

August is starting out steamy and sticky and I'm sure it will pass quickly.  HWNSNBP and I spent some time this past week emptying out the stamp cave/castle.  He boxed up some of the things that our son still had in there and I started sorting through my craft supplies.  I can walk into the room without stepping over things for the first time in a long time, but this will take some time before the whole room is done.  I want to pull up the carpeting and paint and I've been promised a ceiling fan and new lighting (as well as a new laminate floor).  It will be difficult, but not impossible to get some projects done, but I am determined not to put my creativity on complete hold while we attempt this renovation.  

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  1. A ceiling fan! I hope it will have a low speed that won't blow stuff around :D.
    How rewarding that after the earlier trauma you still had a clutch of five little blues. And goodness - that fringe of colour on their tails is just amazing.


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