Monday, July 9, 2012

What's Up?

Mr. & Mrs. Blue (we're not sure if she's the new lady or the old lady) raised 5 baby bluebirds safely in the nestbox that we moved.  After a night of terror in June, we tried to make sure that the box was not accessible to racoons, or any other predator that could climb, and moved it from the garden post to a metal fence post.  We did monitor the box both from visits to the nest box and by camera.  What a joy it was to hear those babies beg for food.  We did miss the fledging though while we were away this past week.

I could not capture the true color of the sun as it appeared over the refuge one night last week.  It was a bright red ball that had that streak of red reflected in the water.  I think I'll be looking into lens filters or something - suggestions welcomed.

Last Wednesday brought the Fourth of July fireworks front and center across from the condo, and the residual haze from the fireworks proved a spectacular view of the just-passed full moon.

I've been very remiss at posting mainly because I've been working on wedding invitations.  It's been one of those projects that has needed my full attention.  I'll be finishing them up soon and hope to be back to using my creativity along with some new products soon.


  1. Wonderful photos! Good luck with your invitations!

  2. Can't wait to see the wedding invites Lorraine!!!!! What an amazing gift to the bride and groom!!!! LOVE all of your photos - so glad the bluebirds found solace in a new locale :) Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!!!!!! Thank you too for always being so supportive on my blog! You are the best!!!!!!

  3. Love the photo's! Have you tried correcting the colour balance with Photo Shop? You might get the results you are looking for.
    Or you try a colour filter. Before I got my DSLR I successfully used pieces of coloured mylar (plastic stuff)
    Don't worry too much, your pics look good anyway!
    Sunshine N.Z.


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