Saturday, December 18, 2010

Historical House Tour of Barnegat

Last Saturday night we took a tour of some historical houses in Barnegat sponsored by the local Historical Society.    The first two pictures are from the Cox House.  I loved the detail in the wood of the second floor landing and the balaster at the bottom of the stairs.

These next few pictures come from a house full of glass - depression glass, cut glass, fiesta ware and much more in the form of special collections like the nutcrackers pictured below.  The table you see set in the dining room will remain that way year-round and the owner said that they were fitting the doors with glass so it could remain that way as it is "too pretty" to put away.  It is lovely and much prettier in person.

The last house that we visited was not a historical house that had been around for many years, it was the furnishings that were the attraction here.  The owner told us that except for her couch and one chair, all the other furnishings in her house were found on the curb.  It was decorated with such tropical colors and the little collections that she had throughout were a feast for the eyes.  This particular vignette in pink was in one of the bedrooms.  She had another area with turquoise nutcrackers and the kitchen was red and white.  So pretty. 


  1. OMG! What fun! Lorraine, you blow me away with your pictures! I just wanna be you! These are so awesome, isn't it the coolest?

    Hugs....thinking of you!

  2. I love depression glass! oh how pretty! thanks for sharing!

  3. That looks as if it had been a fascinating outing. I love visiting houses, although C gets tired more quickly than I do and I think he'd have flagged after just one. That wooden floor is beautiful - and in such good condition too. And the glass is amazing - although I can only imagine how dusty it gets. I have a few glass plates that were my grandmother's - one of the few things that survived travel from France to Canada and then Ireland.
    Off to look up depression glass, although I can take an educated guess I'll see if I am right.


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