Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday's Throw Aways - Week 6

Gosh and darn! I really had every intention of getting this project posted on Thursday, but I had one or two set-backs this evening. HWNSNBP has an event at work tomorrow and I had planned to make deviled eggs for him to take, and had in fact, gotten up early this morning to cook them so that they would be cooled when I got home from work. I planned to get them done right away so I could get this project posted, but instead I got a frantic call from HWNSNBP telling me that he just found out that his boss is deathly allergic to hard-boiled eggs - can't even be in the same room with them. So before he got home I had to come up with something else for him to take. Looks like they'll be having my sweet and sour meatballs cause that's the only thing I had time for.

But then what about the 18 eggs that I had already hard-boiled? Well, looks like my staff will be having them as a surprise tomorrow in the faculty room! You know how hard it is to peel fresh eggs? If you don't just ask my thumb!

Anyway, here is the project that I sort of had planned for today. I was going to use the TP tube for something else, but this was quicker and more useful for me today as it turns out. HWNSNBP will be taking the crockpot tomorrow and this cord cover will come in handy and look nice also.

Before - a hum drum cord.

After - pretty and neat.

Stamp and punch the flower pieces. Add a brad for the center.

Cover the tube with DSP. Use sticky tape to adhere.

Add your stripe to the tube, again using sticky tape.

Use dimensionals to add the flower to the finished project.

Another view.

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  1. This made me chuckle - the things we stampers recycle :) This is a GREAT idea!


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